Our Fees

We have structured how we deliver care to our patients in a way that we feel will best optimize your time and resources. Our initial assessments are blocked off in your therapist’s schedule for 60 minutes. This dedicated time with your therapist is unique to that of other rehabilitation clinics. We have built our clinic structure around this model so that we can devote our undivided attention to assessing and diagnosing your condition. With this time allocation we can also perform a full treatment on day one – meaning that you may not have to book any additional treatments for that week.

We allow for a full 30 minutes for each follow-up treatment. This means 100% of that time is dedicated to you. Many clinics book 3 patients an hour and we have found treatment outcomes suffer as 20 minutes is not a lot of time to work with your therapist to achieve your personal goals. With 30 minutes of direct one on one time with your therapist, and then additional time to complete your exercises and modality treatment as needed, we often find that patients are only needing to book one treatment session per week, versus the often seen 2-3. We feel this is a better utilization of your resources, and often results in better rehabilitation outcomes because you and your therapist have been given the necessary time to determine what work needs to be completed to accomplish your goals and the time to execute it.


Our hour initial assessment with your Physiotherapist: $98
30 minute follow-up appointment with your Physiotherapist: $68