Our Fees


Our initial assessments are blocked in your therapist’s schedule for 60 minutes and each follow-up treatment is 30 minutes (or longer if requested). This means 100% of that time is dedicated to YOU! We have built our clinic around this model so that we can devote our undivided attention to you and provide very detailed oriented assessments and treatments.

Initial Physiotherapy Assessment (1 hour) – $110

Follow-up Physiotherapy Treatment (30 minutes) – $75

Registered Massage Therapy

90 minutes – $135

60 minutes – $90

45 minutes – $75

30 minutes – $60


Counselling sessions are 50 minutes in length. Services may be covered by your insurance provider if you have coverage for Registered Social Worker (RSW) or Registered Psychotherapist (RP).

Initial phone consultation (15 minutes) – Free

Follow-up session, in person or virtual – $125