So, you have made the decision to work with a psychotherapist, now what!?!?

Graphic of women stretching with toddlers
Posted October 19, 2020
Tasha Lake
Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Finding a therapist can be an intimidating process, I’d like to share some ideas to help make it a little less so. Therapists are trained across a wide range of therapeutic modalities to help with the various challenges that life presents. Research has shown that evidence-based treatments are equal in their effectiveness. The type of treatment is not the most important factor when considering treatment outcomes. You might be wondering, “what is the strongest predictor of treatment outcomes”? It is the relationship! The relationship is at the heart of therapy. The relationship between therapist and client is a unique relationship that supports the client to be vulnerable in a safe, empathic, respectable and confidential setting without judgement. The professional nature of this relationship keeps the focus on the client and their wellbeing while adhering to professional guidelines, ethics and boundaries.

The first step toward a strong therapeutic relationship, or therapeutic alliance, is to build a strong foundation by establishing a great fit between therapist and client. This article provides some ideas for consideration as you being your search for a therapist. 

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