Supplementing with Magnesium

Graphic of women stretching with toddlers
Posted July 9, 2024
Peter Hrkal
BKin(Hon), MSc(RS), DC

The only thing I’ve ever told a patient to “Google” when it comes to their health is the phrase ‘The benefits of Magnesium’. I do this for several reasons. Firstly, studies have shown that most people, across all ages, demographics and walks of life are quite substantially deficient in this very important mineral. Regardless of one’s diet, magnesium is something our body constantly needs and constantly uses. Specific to our muscles, joints and bones, magnesium plays a critical role in their health and optimum function.

Additionally, appropriate levels of magnesium in our body can help decrease pain perception, improve resting muscle tone and tension as well as contribute to better sleep and relaxation. As with anything involving medication or supplementation, be sure to talk to your family doctor or Naturopath regarding adding this into your diet.

Magnesium is generally very safe, tolerated well and can provide noticeable benefits very quickly. It is best taken as a stand-alone supplement (not just in a multivitamin or combination supplement) and is readily available in pill, powder or liquid form. Over many years of practice, I have found patients who have consistently taken magnesium have improved outcomes from manual therapy, quicker overall recovery, and decreases in symptoms. Give it a try!