I Want To Keep Moving, Would A Brace Help?

Graphic of women stretching with toddlers
Posted May 1, 2024
Ashlea Wilson

We carry a wide selection of custom (measured just for you) and off the shelf (small, medium and large kinda thing!) brace options.

These products range from braces for knee osteoarthritis, ankle braces to help stabilize a mobile joint while returning to sport, or compression sleeves to help with swelling and pain. 

We have in stock regularly, or can order specifically for you, braces for upper extremity (elbow, wrist, hand/thumb), lower extremity (knee, ankle) and SIJ belts (to support your pelvis), etc. We sometimes get asked if we suggest postural support braces (some brands sort of look like big tensor bandages you strap on to help you sit up straight). There are many options out there that we can order in, but to be honest, it is not something we like to do in most cases. We want to help you strengthen and practice movement patterns that help you support and improve your posture under your own power! There is a time and place for some extra help sometimes, and even tape, so we never say never.;)

As we said, we are always trying to help you optimize your movement and strength — and though it may seem counterintuitive, sometimes a brace can help.

We will give you an example of this with respect to knee osteoarthritis. We can help fit you with a knee brace that helps to off-load the part of the knee that has arthritis. This means the brace actually takes pressure off the painful part of the joint. We know that best practice for knee osteoarthritis includes weight loss and exercise — but we also know it can be very difficult, frustrating and painful to do that if your knee flares up every time you try to get exercise. This is a perfect example of where a brace can really help manage your condition, pain levels and assist in getting you moving! 

In addition to braces, we also utilize different products to help with your rehabilitation. This includes items like shoulder pulleys (to mobilize shoulders), laser headlamps (used in vestibular rehabilitation), TENS machines for home use (can help with pain management), lacrosse balls to promote more circulation to tight muscles, tape (that we show you how to use at home), and many different types of resistance bands and loops to build up muscle activation, strength and endurance!

It is the season when we all start getting outside, and for some, maybe moving more. We love to see it! If you are struggling with any areas of your strength, mobility or are dealing with pain we are happy to chat about what options might be able to help keep you moving. 

Enjoy this spring weather – we’ll see you out there!