Our Team

Physiotherapists are university educated, primary health care providers that are highly-trained to assess and treat injury and disability. We are promoters of movement, health and wellness. We use our training to assess, diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions, movement disorders and injuries, using hands-on manual therapy techniques, exercise, education (so you can better understand your condition and the prescribed exercises) and modalities.

We work with you to help you achieve optimal function in your life. We want to help you set goals and reach them, so you are able to fully participate in the things you want to do.


Ashlea Wilson

Physiotherapist I Co-owner of Elora Physiotherapy
BKin(Hon), MSc(PT), Dip.Manip.PT, CMAG, FCAMPT

Ashlea obtained her Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology degree with a minor in Health Studies from McMaster University, and continued her education at the University of Toronto completing her Master of Science in Physical Therapy.

Caitlin Williams

Physiotherapist I Co-owner of Elora Physiotherapy
BKin(Hon), MSc(PT), MScCl(Manip Ther), DPT, FCAMPT

Caitlin is an CAMPT-Certified Physiotherapist who applies an impressive academic foundation of over 10 years clinical experience to assess and treat musculoskeletal conditions; with a focus on rehabilitating back pain, tempromandibular (jaw) joint pain and paediatric patients.